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Truxedo Pro X15


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Truxedo Pro X15 includes many of the same great feature as the Lo Pro. Unlike the Lo Pro, the Pro X15 is added with style and performance that is unbelievable. Firstly it has 15 degree rails, secondly has an extra low profile flush mount look. Thirdly it has a superior grade woven fabric that provides a stylish matte black appearance. The cover can be installed or removed in minutes, with no drilling required. As well the unique self leveling design feature allows for more accurate install. The Pro X15 is made in the USA it also comes backed with a lifetime warranty.

Truxedo Pro X15 features

  • Firstly the cover has an extra Low Profile.  X15 rails provide a distinctive flush mount look, and include a unique self-leveling design feature allowing for a faster, more accurate installation.
  • Secondly the cover has Matte Black Fabric. Extremely durable superior-grade woven fabric. Provides a stylish matte-black appearance. Inherent dirt resistant characteristics of the fabric help it stay clean for longer.
  • Thirdly the cover has an automatic Tension Control. With an patented design allows the cover to maintain a tight fit and great looks in extreme temperatures and all weather conditions.
  • Lastly the cover has an easy quick-Release System. The entire cover can be removed in seconds without tools which  provides a true 100% full bed access.
  • Last but not least the cover has an easy Operation. The anodized trigger latch requires only one finger to open the cover. Roll the cover closed with ease to securely store and secure your cargo.

The Truxedo Pro x15 allows you to roll it up all the way for you to be able to use 100 percent of your box. It is also mounted at the rear near the tailgate for easy access.

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