About Us

Since 1992, Scorpion Truck Stuff had been dedicated to providing a high quality experience to all of our customers. Over the years we have grown from starting out of a garage, to a shop, to our present location. We have expanded our product offerings along the way, thanks to the effort of our staff and, most importantly, to the support of our customers.

Scorpion Truck Stuff started out by manufacturing wood products. From toolboxes to pak rats, to wooden box liner with toolboxes built as an all in one. We also customize vans by building wooden floors to shelf units. We specialize in customer projects where we can make anything for a customer’s personal wants and needs. From there, we added truck accessories to make it one shop stop for our customers.

We are a family run business that prides ourselves in our honesty, integrity, competitive pricing and our outstanding customer service. Our team is constantly researching and sourcing products to enhance your truck needs. We hunt for the very best quality affordable prices on the market today. It is our commitment to find new and better ways to help you.

Scorpion Truck Stuff began with one man’s dream, and that man can still be seen and heard at the sales counter. Troy is always available to help with any questions or concerns a staff or customer has and is more than willing to show you his newest projects! Just ask him about his 1965 GMC or his 1939 Ford that he is rebuilding if you have some time to spare he will be more than willing to share with a big smile of his face and pride in his work!

From your trusted team at Scorpion Truck Stuff (STS)

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